Finding Purpose in the Writing Profession

Money isn’t everything.  When I tell people that, I imagine what goes through their heads. There he goes again, this impractical dreamer. Perhaps they’re right. But I like to think that there is some justification for my fantastic visions.

As a telecommunications professional, I have worked with many of the biggest firms in the world. I would sit at a desk and perform network configuration, monitoring, and maintenance tasks sent to me from on high. I am happy that I have had a part in connecting people through technology, and I have been a part of the industry since the 1990s.  I am still involved, writing about cutting edge technologies for Techopedia and other clients.

But I look for something more. My readings take me back thousands of years. I study ancient religions and cultures, and I study at the feet of Greek philosophers. I hope for a chance to make my own contribution to the world, whether through fiction or non-fiction writings. I feel that is both my passion and my mission.

Performing music for elder care residents has been a vocation of mine. I enjoy bringing them back to the times of their youth, stirring up memories of the songs they grew up with. I also feel a sense of mission in this endeavor.

Finding the right combination of activities to achieve purpose has been a life-long struggle. Some activities seem to pull me from what I should be doing. Chasing money to the neglect of passionately serving others has sometimes been frustrating.

There is a sweet spot somewhere. I keep trying to find it.

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  1. Do what you enjoy and find a way to make money doing what you love. God will reward you for doing the right things for the right reasons.

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