Perceiving Flux

Perceiving Flux

I wonder what I should write here in this blog. I suppose that I could write just for myself, assuming that no one will read it. I could, in a lonely moment, type in what I might say to someone next to me if I weren’t alone. I could record my brilliant philosophical thoughts. Or maybe post something that I read online.

This makes me think about the very art of communication itself. To whom am I communicating? Friends? Family? Some unknown reader? The next generation?

Maybe I should stick with the original idea when I entitled my blog page “Musings”. I will muse over things and write down what I think. Language may not perfectly capture thought, but it is ok to try.

Socrates mused about the meaning of the word wisdom (phronesis in Greek). He supposed that the etymology of the word dealt with “the perception of motion and flux.” He took many of his ideas about change from the ancient thinker Heraclitus.  A wise man notices the changes in the world around him – and in himself.

This is not a bad thing to muse about. I venture to say that my perception recorded here about the motion and flux of the world will likely be imperceptible to the world that I observe. That’s not so bad either.


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