Independent Technology Professional                                                            2001 to Present

The following roles represent a selection of contracts with a wide variety of international clients.

Client:  Techopedia, 2015-present

Role:  Technology Journalist

  • Technical author for dozens of articles targeted toward I.T. professionals

Vendor: Accordant Communications; Client:  Verizon; New York, 2016

Role: Operations Center Management

  • Project support for team of fiber technicians

Vendor: Tekelec; Client:  Various; Agency: ResolvIt; USA nationwide, 2012, 6 months

Role: Professional Services Engineer (Back Office, 3rd level, Core): configured Diameter Signaling Router

  • Configured Cisco 4948 and 3020 switches
  • Configured Linux servers in an HP C-Class system
  • Integrated nodes (MME, S-GW, P-GW) into Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • Analyzed Diameter messages with Wireshark

Vendor: Huawei; Client: o2/Telefonica; Agency: Glotel; Nuremberg, 2011, 4 months

Role:  Back Office Engineer (Back Office, 2nd level, Core): swapped nodeBs from ATM to IP microwave transmission

  • Managed NAS tickets, working with dispatch and field force.
  • Used network diagrams to implement changes and perform migrations.
  • Developed processes and documentation.
  • Used various tools and platforms, including NAS, AVTOOL, Finderella, WebLCT, DCN portal, NetAct, NetSite, Comarch OSS Suite, SIAE, PSAX.

Vendor: Huawei; Client: Vodafone; Agency: Manning Global; Duesseldorf/Hannover, 2010-2011, 13 months

Role:  OMC Engineer (OMC, 2nd-3rd level, Access): Integrated eNodeBs in LTE network

  • Configured LTE connections over SCTP links on S1/X2 interfaces.
  • Served as Regional SPOC for technical and management escalation
  • Optimized network optimization, creating KPIs working with Vodafone quality team
  • Performed change control, problem management, and reporting
  • Implemented network architecture according to design

Vendor: ZTE; Client: E-Plus; Agency:  Manning Global; Duesseldorf, 2010, 6 months

Role:  Network Helpdesk Specialist (Helpdesk, 1st level): integrated new network features

  • Developed procedures and managed XML ticket interface project
  • Supported ZTE RNC and NodeBs in WCDMA environment

Vendor:  Huawei; Client: o2/Telefonica; Agency:  Manning Global; Munich, 2009, 6 months

Role:  Network Surveillance Technician (NOC, 1st level, Core); monitored HSPA+/ UMTS network

  • Conducted surveillance of network using M2000 and T2000.
  • Supported RTN 620, RTN900, 2500, OSN7500, BTS3900, SGSN,
  • Created, tracked and dispatched Remedy trouble tickets

Client: Telekom Austria; Agencies:  BEKO, Kapsch; 2009, 2 months

Role:  Test Case Engineer (Back Office, 3rd level):  tested Nortel CS2K for integration

  • Created test cases for migration to VoIP infrastructure
  • Tested and integrated Nortel CS2K solution.
  • Configurated Linux servers

Vendor/Client:  Nortel Networks; Agency:  Manning Global;  Munich, 2008-2009, 12 months

Role:  Training Network Engineer (Lab, 3rd level, Core): supported lab for Nortel Networks training worldwide

  • Audited, designed, and optimized network with MS Visio
  • Managed switch optimization project, with change control and technical documentation
  • Supported 60+ student workstation, including configuration, disk imaging, and troubleshooting
  • Installed Nortel Software Communication System (SCS) 500 lab (VoIP SIP solution with Linux servers)
  • Maintained VMWare servers for student network simulations
  • Implemented VLANs, IP ranges, VRRP, etc., on Nortel PP8600/ Baystack backbone network
  • Configured DHCP, DNS, backup storage, and firewalls on Microsoft servers

Client: Somerfield; Agencies:  Bio, Vanco, Affiniti; Bristol UK, 2007-2008, 4 months

Role:  Nortel Specialist (Enterprise HQ, 3rd level, Core):  supported major grocery chain IT HQ

  • Executed moves and changes on Somerfield LAN
  • Supported Passport 8600, Business Policy Switch 2000, and Baystack 450s
  • Configured VLANs, trunks, Spanning Tree, etc.
  • Performed network audit with SolarWinds and implemented network changes with MS Visio
  • Wrote and implemented Methods of Procedure for change management

Vendor:  Nortel Networks; Clients:  Hutchison 3G, Ericsson; Agency:  Manning Global; Reading UK, 2005-2006, 14 months

Role:  SDH Transmission Engineer (NOC, 2nd-3rd level, Core):  surveillance of SDH optical and microwave

  • Worked on backbone transmission team as Shift Leader in 3G mobile network environment.
  • Supported SLA requirements, including ticket management, escalation, and fault resolution
  • Monitored alarms and did troubleshooting of radio access network (RAN) circuits between RNCs and NodeBs for Nokia and NEC technical teams
  • Interpreted network architecture provided in design documentation
  • Provisioned circuits in Preside, Nortel Passport, and Alcatel, including connections for HSPDA, RBS, and media gateways
  • Supported OPTera LH, OPTera DX, OM4100, OM4150, OM4200, OME6500 cross connect, TN-1X, EC-1 and Preside, Nortel Passport (7k, 20k, and Preside MDM), Alcatel transmission (1641SX, 1660SM, 1670SM, 1353SH and 1354RM)

Client:  British Telecom; Agencies:  Hudson, Albany Group; Frankfurt, Germany, 2004-2005, 12 months

Role:  Data Center Technician (Data Center, 1st level, Access): performed racking, cabling, and integration

  • Performed trouble management and change control
  • Installed and commissioned Cisco switches and routers
  • Configured and supported Sun Solaris, Linux, MS Windows 2000/2003, McAfee Webshield, Fortinet, Cisco PIX, etc.
  • Designed, racked, cabled, labeled, and performed troubleshooting of new customer installations
  • Managed project for roll out of terminal servers
  • Chaired interdepartmental meetings
  • Worked with vendors and customer solutions managers to meet customer installation and change requirements

Clients:  BESTgroup, VoiceConcept, IKL, Microsoft; Frankfurt, Germany, 2003-2004, 12 months

Role:  IMAP Specialist (Small Office):  installed and supported Linux mail system

  • Supported local area networks consisting of Linux server and Microsoft workstations
  • Configured Cyrus IMAP server, firewalls, and WLAN.
  • Worked with start-up consultancy on business development, including business model, project management, recruiting consultants, and internal processes and communication
  • Instructed network engineers in technical English

Vendor: Nortel Networks; Client: ISH; Agency:  TMP Worldwide; Cologne, 2002, 12 months

Role:  Nortel Passport 8600 Specialist (Competence Center, 3rd level, Core):  supported ISP/cable provider

  • Supported Nortel Passport 8600 & 15000, Juniper M5 & M160, ADC CUDA 12000 (CMTS), Motorola CG4500e Multi-terminal Access devices (cable modems), DMS, Tollbridge, Cornerstone Voice, Baystack, CS2K, Juniper, Optera, and others. Used Remedy, CableMaster, Netcool, HPOpenview, SS7, LDAP, Radius, etc.
  • Configured and managed OSPF links in a metropolitan IP over HFC network
  • Managed firmware upgrade project for all Motorola MTAs (customer modems) in the network
  • Developed procedures related to trouble management and fault resolution
  • Participated in change management meetings and activities in the network
  • Developed documentation of network security policies, including password implementation policy


Network Operations Center (NOC) Supervisor                                                          2001

Global Center, Munich, Germany

  • Managed 10 internet systems engineers in web hosting environment
  • Implemented training plan for 17 engineers
  • Supervised network surveillance of Cisco, MS, Linux, F5 load balancers, Checkpoint, etc.
  • Coordinated with other departments for pol icy development and roll out of new services


Senior Network Engineer (NOC, 1st-3rd level, Access)                                           1998-2000

Global One, Reston, Virginia and Frankfurt, Germany

  • Supported Nortel Passport switches, Newbridge switches, Cisco routers, Motorola FRADs, Tellabs MartisDXX digital cross-connect, Alcatel TP switches, etc.
  • Maintained departmental website
  • Performed network management of frame relay, x.25, ATM, and TCP/IP.


Network Support Technician                                                                              1997

Client:  Sprint, Reston, Virginia; Agency:  Kelly Technical Services

  • Supported Nortel Passport switches, Newbridge switches, Cisco routers, Motorola FRADs, Alcatel TP switches, etc.
  • Performed network management of frame relay, x.25, and TCP/IP.