Always Becoming

Always Becoming

Socrates:  “Once more, then, tell me whether you like this notion that nothing is, but is always becoming, good or beautiful or any of the other things mentioned?” [Plato’s Dialogue Theaetetus, 157d]

In his work as a midwife of the ideas of his pupil Theaetetus, Socrates advised him that “the universe is motion and nothing else.” Everything is either acting or being acted upon. He also proposed three rules:

  1. Nothing can become greater or less so long as it remains equal to itself.
  2. A thing to which nothing is added and from which nothing is taken away remains the same in amount.
  3. A thing which was not at an earler moment cannot be at a later moment without becoming.

We can’t stay still, unchanged, for very long. If we are physically inactive or indolent, soon our health is undermined. The same is true for our mental condition. On the other other hand, exercise and motion will bring improvement to our physical or mental health. As Heraclitus said, you never cross the same river twice. Everything changes.

The question is:  What are we becoming?

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