David Scott Brown, Swing Troubadour

Swing-on-DownI keep toying with the idea of an alias or stage name, perhaps something that I could use with a band.  The name Swing Troubadour is a combination of concepts that seem to define my musical journey.  Swing can be defined as the way an ensemble performs well together, or the kind of rhythm that “swings the eighth notes”.  A troubadour was an entertainer of the Middle Ages who often traveled while he wrote and performed songs or poems about chivalry and love.  I am a bit of a hopeless romantic myself, and I have found the music of The Great American Songbook to be a wonderful genre to sing and play. But the name is not so important.

What’s important are the wonderful songs with beautiful melodies, wonderful harmonies, clever lyrics, and yes, swinging rhythms. And of course, the audience is important.  I love performing for seniors, especially those who served in World War II.  It gives me great pleasure to bring back memories to these folks.  And I love to sing these great songs from the 1920s to the 1950s.  They don’t make songs like they used to.

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